Overnight Doula Support

Get some sleep. Feel like yourself again.

Imagine if at 10pm, your night doula arrived. You gave her a debrief of your day with baby while you gave him/her your last nursing or bottle.
While you catch up on some much needed rest, she feeds baby to your liking - whether that's bringing baby to you at a predetermined time for his middle-of-the-night nursing, and then both quietly vanish while you continue to doze. Maybe she feeds her a bottle of your pumped milk while you either snooze away or chose to pump. Or maybe she mixes a bottle of formula and, you guessed it, you keep catching them Z's. Whatever your feeding method - I promise, you're sure to get much more sleep with Carolyn in tow.

And you need it! Sleep deprivation leads to higher anxiety and depression, as well as leaves us more prone to accidents and injuries - like falling asleep with baby on an unsafe sleeping surface, and let's face it, we are all more irritable when we don't get a proper night's rest.

Wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to crush it at your new full-time job of parenting - is there any other job more important? No. No there is not.

Price: 8 hours of expert care for $340/night