Full Spectrum Reproductive Care

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How Do You Doula supports every reproductive outcome for every person. The offerings below consist of prenatal visits, birth support and postpartum visits. How Do You Doula also supports abortion, adoption, and surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal/infant loss. How Do You Doula proudly offers gender-affirming care and supports queer, trans, BIPOC and people of size/plus-size/fat folks. How Do You Doula aims to be accessible. Flexible payment plans are available. Energy exchanges or skills trades are also welcome! Contact me for more information.

Prenatal Visit

In this two-hour session, we'll discuss your wishes for your birth. I will answer any questions you have about birth, labouring options and provide you with evidence so you can make decisions. I educate you about your rights in the birthing process and coach you on how to maintain autonomy in a hospital. I demonstrate different natural pain relief techniques that you can use during birth. A written birth plan is emailed to you following.

Cost $120

Birth Support

If you'd like the ultimate best friend and support person for your pregnancy, birth and beyond, this is the package for you! The birth support package includes a free one-hour consultation to see if we're a good fit, as well as 3 prenatal visits. These prenatal visits look very much like the Birth Prep service described above, except each visit will build on the last and allow me to tailor our meetings to your specific needs. They allow us to build connection and trust so that you're very comfortable with me by the time birth happens.

Birth support is delivered in the setting of your choice. I want you to have the birth of your dreams. If that looks like a home water birth, and you're comfortable having no medical attendants present, since NB does not offer midwifery services in our area, I will happily attend your home birth. I can set up my professional grade birthing pool in your home and I will support you in a physiological birth and take care of the clean up. If your dream birth looks more like getting the support of a team of healthcare professionals in a hospital setting, or if your personal circumstances require this, I am happy to attend you there as well.

Three postpartum visits are included in this package which can be provided in hospital or at home. I can provide lactation support, tidying, cooking, and any other assistance you may require to keep things as stress free as possible during this time.

3 Prenatal Visits (2 hours each)
Birth Support
Birth Pool
3 Postpartum Visits (2 hours each)

Cost $1400

Postpartum Visit

If you've just had a baby, adopted, been a surrogate, or even if you've just had a miscarriage, or lost a baby, this service is for you. I'm an accredited Leader with La Leche League Canada so I have specialized expertise in providing lactation, nursing and breastfeeding support, as well as infant care education. I can help tidy, give older siblings some attention and walk your dog. Anything that might be helpful to keep your household running smoothly and everyone free of stress and able to enjoy your newborn. Two hours, in your home.

Cost $120

C-Section Scar Tissue Massage

Are you experiencing numbness, tingling, itchiness, pain or coldness at the site of your incision? Do you have thick scar tissue or adhesions? Book me for a scar tissue massage. Scar tissue massages increase blood flow, scar pliability, reduces adhesions and scar thickness and tightness. As always, my approach is trauma-informed. I can teach you how to do this to yourself. Or my hands can do the work while I check in with you at every step to make sure things are feeling good. Please note this service cannot be provided prior to 4 months postpartum.
45 minutes

Cost $70


At HDYD, we support every person's right to build their family if, when, and how they want to. If you need help with terminating a pregnancy, HDYD offers recommendations on herbal at-home options to compliment your medical abortion. I can come with you to your clinical termination, or be with you at home as you wait for medications to have their effect. The support I provide depends on the needs and comfort level of each client.

Cost: Starting at $120 for a two-hour visit. If this is a barrier to you please contact me anyway.

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If you're looking for something a little different than what's included in the packages above please contact me for a quotation.